The Franchise

How often have you considered becoming your own boss?
Why not run your own successful fun casino franchise?
Absolute Fun Casino established in 2005 is the first ever company to launch a fun casino franchise and through hard work and determination has become the most respected and dynamic fun casino brand within the industry.

A look at the Entertainment Industry
The entertainment industry is buoyant, growing and here to stay, proving it to be a recession-proof market. Fun casinos are becoming increasingly popular at events across the UK. It won’t be long before they are an expected part of any celebration or function.
The wedding market alone is worth over 7.1 billion pounds.
Other markets; birthdays parties, corporate functions, charity and fund-raising events, the list is endless.

More than just a Fun Casino
Absolute Fun Casino is much more than just a casino, we bring glitz and glamour to our clients events and raise funds for charities, we also help to promote products, making the casino experience available to all.

Background to Absolute Fun Casino
Since developing Absolute Fun Casino in the South and establishing itself as a leading provider of fun casinos, Absolute Fun Casino has grown into the most respected fun casino provider in the South of England.
Absolute Fun Casino developed its business model after having over 30 years experience in the gaming industry, which has enable them to roll out the Absolute Fun Casino franchise, you can be reassured that we have the experience, as we the management team have work at many Mayfair casinos in management roles.

Benefits of joining Absolute Fun Casino
Have a desire to own and run their own business.
As a company Absolute Fun Casino is committed to continued success in the entertainment market it serves.
Accordingly, we will put everything into achieving just that and we can provide you with the
know how of running your own successful fun casino business without the sharp learning curves that are associated with starting your own business, where the failure rate is four times that of buying into a franchise network.
Absolute Fun Casino is totally mobile, you work from home and attend clients venues keeping overheads to a minimum.



The Business Opportunity
A totally new concept in entertainment.
Allocated territory to develop.
Professional website to promote your business.
Business stationery and computer templates.
Marketing material.
A unique and growing brand in a growing multi-million pound sector.
Good net profit.
All-year-round high revenue business.
Renewable franchise agreement.
Comparatively low investment with unlimited growth potential.
Comprehensive training in all aspects of the business.
Desirable lifestyle business.
The initial franchise fee is £9950 (For the first 5 franchises we are offering a 50% discount on this fee).

An additional cost for entry level equipment:
One Roulette Table.
One Blackjack Table.
Complete set of equipment and accessories.
The total equipment to run a casino event with two tables is £5000.

For the first 5 franchises we are offering a 50% discount on our franchise fee,
franchise fee £4975 and entry level equipment £5000, making a fantastic offer for the first 5 to join us, only £9975.